Dance & Music Festival

DECEMBER 30-31 new year's celebration

Tito Rodríguez Jr. & Orchestra FRANKIE MORALES Adolfo Indacochea Tania Cannarsa Natasha Karp The Latin Soul Dancers DJ ALEX EL MAESTRO

An event dedicated to mambo lovers in the WORLD’s salsa capital

We are committed to bring back live music to our dance scene. Say goodbye to this 2022 dancing live to the amazing sound of Tito Rodriguez Jr Orchestra, Frankie Morales & the mambo of the times orchestra.

if this is not enough you will have Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa and The Latin Soul Dancers performing live with this two amazing orchestras.



Friday, December 30th

Tito Rodriguez Jr. Orchestra

& Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa & The Latin Soul Dancers


Raised in New York, Tito was born to Puerto Rican and Japanese parents, the only son of the legendary El Inolvidable (The Unforgettable), Tito Rodríguez and Takeko Rodríguez, Tito was admitted to Berklee College of Music at the age of 19.

Tito’s first album, Curious? for TR Records, a label owned by his father, the legendary Puerto Rican singer and bandleader, Tito Rodríguez, El Inolvidable, debuted in 1975. Tito’s discography also includes Eclipse and The Big 3 Palladium Orchestra: Live at the Blue Note.

Transición, Tito’s fourth album, is a visual and auditory tribute to the diverse philosophies of his father and Japanese mother, Takeko, who passed down their passion and love of Latin music to him. In the cover photos for Transición, Tito’s drum sticks form the illusion of fans. Fans are cherished possessions in both the Japanese and Puerto Rican cultures.

His recordings, in the classic tradition of his father, are stamped with Tito’s personal signature. Tito’s sophisticated way with lyrics; melody and Latin rhythm have become a worldwide sensation for dancers as well as listeners. In sustaining this musical legacy, his parents remain a source of inspiration.

Performances around the globe have delighted audiences at The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, The Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Tanglewood, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Tempo Latino, Jazz at Vienne, Burgenhausen Jazz Festival, El Dia National de la Salsa, Concord Jazz Festival, The Barbican Centre, Pori Jazz Festival and Ravinia Jazz Festival to critical reviews.

Plans for annual recordings are in the works, as Tito continues to expand his repertoire to include a label for talented artists.

Saturday, December 31st

Frankie Morales & The Mambo of the times Orchestra

& Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa & The Latin Soul Dancers


Efraín “Frankie” Morales is an artist who has perfected his craft with every stop along the way of his career.  

This talented vocalist has sharpened and shaped his sound for most of his life, starting on the streets of “El Barrio”, New York City’s Spanish Quarter and climaxing now on the stages of the world.

His Mom sent him to Boys Harbor Conservatory in East Harlem to study voice and percussion after she realized the raw power and talent that her son displayed singing his “Sala Concerts”, those first performances for the family at home that gave birth to, and nurtured this entertainer of the future.  At the age of fourteen, he sang backup for Latin legend, Joe Bataan.  By fifteen he was singing with Hector Lavoe, and this opened other doors.  Over the next few years, he would sing backup and coros for such artists as Celia Cruz, Ismael Rivera, Ismael Miranda, Pellin Rodriguez and Cheo Feliciano.  Frankie notes, “I learned a lot during this time…inspirations, how to always sound your best, even when your voice may not be at its best”.

Meeting José Pintor, who also played with Joe Bataan, gave Frankie the opportunity to record his first album, “Sabor Del Barrio”.  Soon after, he started recording hits with the group Bad Street Boys.  This was an association that would continue for almost ten years.

However, there was still room to grow for Mr. Morales.  Growth comes to a Salsero through “work, work and more work”.  So when the Lebron Brothers needed someone to record in place of an ill vocalist, it was Frankie who did the recording.  Caiman Records then produced two albums featuring him as a solo artist, entitled “Frankie Morales: En Su Punto” and “Standing Out”.  These two albums exposed Frankie to greater audiences and enhanced both his experience and reputation.  This would lead him to being an invited independent vocalist with “The Fania All-Stars”.

Frankie spent a year singing back-up for Tito Nieves.  The notoriety he gained singing for Tito Nieves also brought opportunity as well.  With a recommendation from Ralph Mercado, Frankie was offered a job of Lead Singer for the orchestra of “El Rey Del Timbal”, Ernest “Tito” Puente.  This “gig” would not only be the ultimate training ground, but also the ultimate feature for Frankie Morales, as he traveled around the world with Maestro Puente, singing for people of all cultures.  Even now after “El Rey’s” passing, Frankie holds the position of Lead Vocalist with the Tito Puente Orchestra.

1988 was a real “indicator” as to how much Frankie Morales had grown as an artist.  That same year, he was a featured vocalist on Caiman Records’ ACE Awards winning recording “Son Boricua®”.  Led by musical director Maestro José Mangual Jr., and producer Humberto Cordero, this production gave Frankie a platform to show his versatility, as he tore into the world of Latin Jazz.  Frank was a featured Lead Vocalist on “The Caiman All-Stars”.  Frank next recorded “Dancemania 99” live from Club Birdland with Puente’s Orchestra.  “Dancemania 99” was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Some of Frankie’s “finest hours” had to be the recording of “Tito Puente Mambo Birdland”  and “Masterpiece”, Puente’s final album and collaboration with “The Great” Eddie Palmieri, which both won Grammy Awards.

So now that you know about Frankie Morales’ hard work and history, it is time to learn a bit about what is within this vocalist’s heart.  And as you listen to this recording you will know.

When you wonder why you feel like dancing, you’ll know exactly what Frankie brings “to the people”:  rhythm for the dancers, and through his voice, the passion of a true Cantante.


Say good bye to 2022 performing with your favorite international Artists:

Friday, December 30th Bootcamp by Gigi Bianco

-Receive the complete routine ahead of time when you purchase your ticket to Mambomania

(Video available December 1st)

– In person Rehearsal Friday, December 30th from 7pm-9pm

Showtime Midnight

Saturday, December 31st Bootcamp by Tania Cannarsa

-Receive the complete routine ahead of time when you purchase your ticket to Mambomania

(Video available December 1st)

-In person Rehearsal Saturday, December 31st from 3pm-5pm

Showtime Midnight




Stepping Out studios

617 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Bootcamp training

Empire mambo dance studio

344 W 38th St Suite 401, New York, NY 10018



2 superstars collaborating to bring you a performance bootcamp! Tania Cannarsa and Delia Madera are teaming up to bring you an intense training to enhance your dancing. They will be working on body movement, isolations, timing and more. The best part is? You will be able to perform on stage with these two beasts. This of course is optional, but they would love to have everyone on stage with them.

What to expect:
+ 4 hours of intense training
+ 2 hrs with Tania and 2 hrs with Delia
+ Performance on Sunday, August 21st.


Dj Alex "El Maestro" will keep you dancing all night long!

Come and Celebrate the end of the year with us and lets start the 2023 Dancing Mambo!


Friday Party + Workshops

1.5 hours workshop with Gigi Bianco “Full Project”

$30.00 ONLINE

$40.00 (At the door)

Saturday Party + Workshops

1.5 hours workshop with Tania Cannarsa

$40.00 ONLINE

$60.00 (At the door)


FRIDAY + SATURDAY INCLUDES (Workshops + Parties)

$90.00 ONLINE

full party pass + workshops

$120.00 ONLINE




Bootcamp Gigi Bianco

Online, includes entrance to Friday Night Party


Bootcamp Tania Cannarsa

Online, includes entrance to Saturday Night Party



Access to bootcamp and Sunday party



you can still buy at the door



Stepping Out studios

617 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

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